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We are an excellent alternative in the health area focused on quality and customer satisfaction by providing health care with a team of highly trained professionals.

  We serve the needs of the population neoespartana health specialized and highly satisfactory services, such as emergency, surgery, hospitalization, nutrition, blood bank, a unit of ophthalmology, ultrasound, laboratory, radiology, epidemiology, Videoendoscopia and pharmacy.



In 2003, it was created one of the first centers of assistance Margarita Island, with a permanent quality care. This opens its doors under the concept of General Hospital, with a novel principle of integrative medicine, combining in facilities all medical specialties of the moment and the most modern care services.

The physical construction has high capacity spacious and comfortable rooms, staffed by a medical staff of the highest level, as a nursing staff highly specialized, consists of six clearly defined modules, which caters to a large number of patients with all medical and surgical services at the highest level, counting among its promoters with medical professionals and recognized professional engineer to ensure the provision of good service.

  In addition to its area of medical consultations, it offers the following services: Clinical laboratory, conventional radiology, Computed Tomography, ecosonography, Laboratory Histopathological, Intensive Care Unit, Cafetín, four surgical areas or operating rooms with highly sophisticated instruments and pharmacy permanent shift.

This health center offers surgical services, Imaging , , tests with the most modern instruments that currently exist, service inpatient suites, offices, mini shops, cafe, blood reservoir, laboratory and emergency room with direct access from the avenue.

  It also has a parking high - capacity positions, allowing a community to the user who suffers from this service in other private health centers in the state, which produce traffic congestion by wherethey are and the lack of appropriate places for it.

  Valley Medical Center, ca, is located in the populous town of El Valle del Espíritu Santo in Margarita Island. Its location is strategic, since it is easy vehicular accessibility both private and public through the extension of Rafael Tovar Avenue, which connects to express to the major population centers of the state, mainly the cities of Porlamar, Pampatar, roads The assumption and others.



Provide medical assistance high efficiency and quality to Neoespartana population, with qualified human resources and committed to the institution; based on the constant improvement of technology and adequate structure for the best care, in order to meet demand, ensuring Health and Welfare of the general population, thus we are committed to patient and our services are aimed at meeting your needs.



Making Valley Medical Center a leading institution in its field, through the provision of health services at regional and national level as well as continuous improvement in technology that allows providing better preventive and curative care to users. All our specialized human resources this doomed to continuous improvement of its processes and having a high capacity to meet the needs of patients.







Centro Médico EL Valle C.A. - RIF: J-31017185-8 

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